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Pursuing a career in the mortgage industry is exciting and liberating. But as you prepare to make the jump, you likely have more questions than answers.

The good news is, you’re not alone. We know the decision to enter a new industry is a big one, so we want to answer any questions you may have and let you know that we’re here for you every step of the way. From our Mortgage Encyclopedia resources to our industry-leading learning platform, we’re dedicated to providing the tips and trends you need to enjoy long-term professional success. The CE Shop takes pride in being your one-stop shop for mortgage education.

Mortgage Loan Officer Resume Examples & Writing Tips
by The CE Shop Team

This guide will cover the basics of taking your experience, skills, and credentials, and weaving them into a well-prepared resume. 

Mortgage Loan Officer Interview Questions and Answers
by The CE Shop Team

This guide will cover many common questions asked (and questions you can ask) during the interview process so that you’re prepared to make your first sale — yourself. 

Mortgage Terms
by The CE Shop Team

Having a list of mortgage terms handy helps everyone benefit during the process. We've put together a list of the most widely used mortgage term definitions in the industry.

Mortgage Industry Is a Good Career Move
by The CE Shop Team

There’s never a bad time to move into the mortgage industry. This guide will help give you an idea of whether or not joining the mortgage industry is a good direction for you. 

How to Become a Mortgage Loan Officer
by The CE Shop Team

There are many paths to success in the mortgage industry, but before you can earn your Mortgage Loan Originator License, there are a few requirements you must meet. Learn how to become a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Mortgage Marketing
by The CE Shop Team

There are a variety of marketing techniques that Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers can use to connect with leads and secure repeat homebuyers. Discover ways to create a mortgage marketing strategy that works.

MLO License in Multiple States
by The CE Shop Team

Though NMLS provides a national licensing system, each state has its own unique education requirements for mortgage licenses. This guide will offer a comprehensive look into multistate licensing requirements. 

A Day in the Life of a Mortgage Loan Originator
by The CE Shop Team

Life as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) can be equal parts challenging and rewarding. It’s the perfect blend of personal responsibility, limitless earning potential, and helping others acquire the real estate they need to thrive.

NMLS Mortgage Continuing Education State Deadlines
by The CE Shop Team

Every Mortgage Loan Originator, including Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers, must complete their annual renewal in a timely manner. Learn your state's NMLS CE License Renewal Deadline.

What to Do After Passing the NMLS Test
by The CE Shop Team

Learn the next steps towards starting your Mortgage Loan Officer career after completing your Pre-Licensure Education courses and passing the NMLS exam.