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Our innovative Exam Prep Edge program will help you prepare for your upcoming SAFE MLO Test.

Pass Your SAFE MLO Test With Exam Prep Edge

Created to hone your studying efforts for your upcoming Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry SAFE MLO Test, Exam Prep Edge uses an initial assessment to provide instant feedback on the topics you've mastered and which ones you should focus on. Study smarter with Exam Prep Edge and feel confident on exam day.

What is Mortgage Exam Prep?

Exam Prep Edge is a comprehensive study program designed to help adult learners better retain the information they need to pass the SAFE MLO Test.

Benefits of Our Courses

Free Assessment Exam

Take a free initial assessment and receive immediate feedback on the topics you’ve mastered and the ones you still need to study further.

National lessons

We cover everything you need to know from a national perspective based on NMLS requirements.

Unlimited Practice Exams

We believe practice makes perfect. That’s why we provide dynamic practice exams with unique questions to get you ready for your upcoming exam.